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If your goals are to

  • Explore and start learning about data science, machine learning, programming, or artificial intelligence
  • Become a data scientist or machine learning engineer (transition to the field)
  • Stay up to date with the most important developments
  • See what other data scientists are working on and discussing
  • Discover the most advanced knowledge in the field

Towards Data Science can help you. In just a few years, we have become one of the best places in the world to read, write about, and share data science and machine learning content.

As our publication continues to grow, we…


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Thank you for joining us on the inaugural edition of the Variable, our revamped weekly newsletter. Very few people can read everything we publish on TDS (it’s a lot!). We know, though, that many of you don’t want to miss out on the best stuff we put out there. Starting today, we’ll send you a fresh batch of must-reads every Thursday: a selection that reflects the incredible work TDS authors share with the community.

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Paradoxes, floods, and K-Pop

If the world isn’t confusing enough for you these days, wait until you read Francesco Casalegno’s introduction to three statistical…


Data Science need not be as cold and distant as the math makes it seem

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As you learn about and practice data science, it becomes harder and harder to avoid abstraction — often in the form of an algorithm coded in a particular programming language, or the mathematical characterization of an idea. What I’d like to highlight here is that data science and its component disciplines (statistics, machine learning, etc.), have origins very closely tied to our own way of perceiving and thinking about the world. I’d like to invite you to relate every data science principle or big idea you come across to your life: What are the parallels between a given learning algorithm…

Author Spotlight

“I started looking for a way to document my learning journey and help others.”

In the Author Spotlight series, TDS Editors chat with members of our community about their career path in data science, their writing, and their sources of inspiration. We’re thrilled to present our first conversation in the series, with Sara A. Metwalli.

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Sara A. Metwalli is originally from Egypt, and received a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Alexandria University’s Faculty of Engineering. She then traveled to Tokyo to pursue her graduate studies: she received a master’s degree in Computer and Communications Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2018.

After finishing her master’s, Sara took a year…

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We have some news we’re excited to share. Starting next week, our Daily Pick will become the Variable, a weekly newsletter where we will feature our best articles — including tutorials, research, opinion pieces, and original features.

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